Monday, May 16, 2011

A Debut Day

Tone Out #136

Wow!  I have made my funny paper debut!  Of course it is not on paper, as it is a webcomic, but still!   It’s written by the son and grandson (John and Ian MacKenzie) of my particular friend Martha.  She had her debut a few weeks ago. This comic is very funny, and I would love it even if I didn’t know the creators.  Warning:  Not always G Rated.  In fact, seldom G Rated.  But always funny, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.  I am thrilled.  Now I am world famous!

And here is the link!  I'm sure you will want to become a fan!!


Marta said...

This is my favorite Joanna blog for obvious reasons.
James and Ian will be very pleased.

Laura said...

Nurse Joanna - this is great!