Friday, May 13, 2011

A Gratifying Day

Have you missed me?  I feel as though I haven’t been blogging in a while.  There have been two reasons --- I have been working more than I consider personally healthy, nursing patients back to vigorous strength.  This has left me with little strength for the more important things of life. Meanwhile at home, my computer has been in a terrible decline and seemed to be slowly approaching its final days.  I had been nursing it along also, but I could see that it was not faring as well as my human patients and that its end was near.  It was making sounds very similar to agonal breathing.  Worried that I would lose all my photos and precious writings, decided that I had better take action.  So I went to the Mac store and looked things over.  Kadey, the woman who helped me, was super nice, and turned what would usually be pretty a traumatic ordeal for me into a pleasant experience.  When I got home with my prize, I was all primed to transfer all my data from the old to the new, but it wouldn’t transfer.  Stress!  Crabbiness!  I called the Apple help number and the person who answered told me that there were “hot, sweaty babes just waiting to talk to me for only $$ a minute.”  I  was feeling a little hot and sweaty myself, but no doubt for different reasons than the hot sweaty babes offering to talk to me on the phone.  Needless to say, I was shocked, but then realized that I must have misdialed.  I am pretty dyslexic with phone numbers and usually get them wrong the first time.  I was already on the verge of being shattered by my computer ordeal, and this nearly tipped me over.  I dialed again and got a robot who kept asking me irrelevant questions, exponentially upping my crabbiness quotient.  Finally I reached a very pleasant fellow who helped me, and I got closer to my goal, but …. Continued Failure!  Better go back to the Mac store.  When I arrived in the morning, I told my sad story (leaving out the hot, sweaty babes) to the young man who first offered to help me, and he seemed not to take in my problem.  Kadey spied me and came over to help us out.  Without being told, she knew all about it, including the death throes of my old hard drive.  She brilliantly coaxed all my tons of data out of the terminal patient and successfully transferred it to my little neonate. She made it appear easy, but I decided that I could not have done it if my life depended on it.  I was sooooooooo grateful.  And now as I type away on my cute new Mac, I am still feeling grateful. 

Becca was bored!


Samos said...

I always miss you... Next time you have a patient death at work and you have to call the 1-888 number for organ donation, try the same number with 1-800, and you'll also get a naughty recording.

Marta said...

I have decided to take advantage of your great vocabulary and increase mine.

I'm so happy Rob has a neonate in his home.

Did you know Agana is the capital of Guam (only one letter missing)

As always, enjoy your wonderful blog.

Laura said...

I had completely frustrating computer problems last year and was having flashbacks while reading your humorous story. Stress and Crabbiness indeed! I'm glad your computer ordeal is over!