Saturday, March 6, 2010

A successful day

On Thursday, Becca and I went on a long walk, once again across the dreaded University Bridge, and this time I was prepared for the ordeal – at least a little prepared. I can never be completely prepared for this sort of thing. It was still terrifying, but it didn’t make me cry. Quake and tremble maybe, but not actually cry. Whenever our choir sings in the upstairs gallery, I get woozy if I am anywhere near the edge. I am sickened when I see our conductor calmly directing us with his bottom just inches from the awful abyss. I’m sure he will suddenly fall over. Totally stupid, I know. I just can’t understand why such fear takes over when the victim, i.e. me, knows perfectly well that nothing bad can happen and the fear is totally irrational. It is so humiliating. But there you are! It is just beyond my control.

Here are some pictures of what we saw on our fun outing– quiche crusts awaiting their filling of eggs and cheese, and lovely Japanese bowls also awaiting their filling of miso soup or yummy udon.

I went back to the University District again today, and had a successful trip. I have tried and tried to download the New York Times do-crossword-puzzles-on-line thing, and have had no success. I downloaded it easily to one computer, but failed completely with the one I will be taking to Hawaii, aka the land of endless ennui. Several computer cognoscenti have tried to do it, but alas, also sine success. Desperate, I took my computer to the Mac store, where a nice man with parti-colored hair – brown and brilliant red, as well as many tattoos and piercings, did it in about two minutes. Then, triumphant, I visited poor Becca who is sick. I made her tea and cleaned her kitchen while she, on her sickbed, struggled with the Seattle Library system’s program for downloading library ebooks. I have wanted to be able to do this for a long time, since many books I want to read are only available in that format. Once again, I gave it my best, but failed at downloading. When I first tried, there was no Mac application. Grrrrr. Now, there is, but getting it onto one’s computer is an insuperable task, at least for me. However, happily, not for Becca, even when ill. So now I am prepared for two weeks of quiet away from the fray – prepared with reading material and crossword capability. We always take crossword books, but I want to be able to do the crossword of the day, so I can keep up with Ryan and Brian, my favorite crossword blog.


Janet said...

I'm curious about the crosswords. A week ago we watched Wordplay and then the next morning I heard Will Schultz announcing this year's winner of the crossword annual tournament in Brooklyn (this year).
Where are you going in Hawaii? My mother used to live on Maui, in Wailuku.

Laura said...

Matthew & family recently were in Kauai and the scenery looked sublime and with my schedule lately a little ennui sounds perfectly divine. Lucky you going to Hawaii!!