Thursday, March 11, 2010

An eventful day and a couple of yucky sick days

What a week! There has been major change in my life, in that I now have an empty nest. Rachael, having turned twenty-one, and gotten a more full time job, has moved into her own digs. I had long feared the day when she would move out, and wondered how I would cope without her popping in to fill me in on the events of her day, without being able to chat through the wall when we are both in our beds, and without having a computer technician in residence. And she took Maria with her! What an emptiness when I staggered downstairs in the morning to make my tea, and there was no one yowling at me (see left) from the kitchen table, to hurry up and get her breakfast! Now there is only patient Margaret waiting quietly for her kibble.
Poor Rebecca was sick to her tummy on Saturday, and I think I caught it. While not as violently ill as she was, I have none the less eaten nothing for two days, and slept nearly constantly. There is the perfect level of sickness, in which one is guilt-free about calling in sick from work, but is still able to read and knit, and generally enjoy life. Sadly, this tummy trouble was beyond that, and was very unpleasant. I have not knitted at all, or read a word of my novel, and nearly fainted while taking Margaret out to go to the potty. That would have been most embarrassing. I’m sure Margaret would not have known what to do, and probably would have gone off and gotten lost. She is one of those dogs whose face (see right) is her fortune, as they say, and can’t be relied on to do the smartest thing.

Are these two events (empty nest and a tummy striving, in a very unpleasant way, to be empty) related? One simply can’t say.


Laura said...

Aww -I'm sorry you are too sick to enjoy a day off. Hope you feel better very soon! Those are beautiful animal pictures. Margaret is completely adorable. Your description of how you are feeling sans Rachael in the house really got to me. Those kids just have that habit of growing up and leaving- darn it.

Samos said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hope Rachael will invite me to her first house-warming party! :-)

SaRi said...

I hope your are better now and have time for a knitting and reading "recovering day".