Sunday, December 20, 2009

A shopping day

Every year Samos and I go last-minute Christmas shopping in the Public Market, and then we have lunch at Bruno’s. Bruno’s is a slightly funky Italian and Mexican restaurant downtown near the Market. We even have the same thing to eat every year. I have a Bruno’s Special Vegetarian Burrito, and he has black bean soup and a piece of pizza. It never varies. As we were leaving, I asked Bruno if I could take his picture. He looked puzzled. “Are you tourists?” he asked incredulously. I explained about our Christmas adventure, and he was relieved. “I was sure I knew you,” he said. I reminded him that his advert on the Cathedral bulletin says, “When you visit Bruno’s you will find your favorite place.” - “And it’s true!” Bruno and I said simultaneously. Bruno, of course, beamed.

But the Market is so exciting, especially during this season, that the outing is always a fresh adventure and a surprise. This year, since I have been thinking about donuts recently, we got some of the Market’s special tiny donuts – powdered, of course. I petted the policeman’s horse’s nose, and wanted to feed one to him, but the policeman said that, while the horse no doubt would love a donut, it would encourage him to always be looking for treats. This is, in fact, one of Margaret’s problem’s – chronic treat seeking. Not appealing in a dog, and way less appealing in a horse, I am sure.

There are a number of “tiny things” stores on the lower level of the market, and here are some of their wares. Note the Obama matrushka peeking out from behind the center Nordic Anime looking doll.

Neither Samos nor this man are tiny things!


FugueStateKnits said...

We have a shopping tradition of our own. Since we really don't do a lot of Christmas shopping anymore (we give the "kids" money and buy gifts for each other and so far three grandchildren and everything else is online); John and I try to go shopping at a toy store in Old Ellicott City and then have lunch - a quiet oasis before the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan. He works Santa's hours this Christmas, so we shall see! Love your pictures - they are just beautiful! Glad to see the Northwest isn't as inundated with snow as we are in the East!
Take care,
Joan a/k/a fsk

Janet said...

Joanna - thanks so much for posting those pictures. I know those shops in Pike Place Market. What fun. One of my favourites is the book shop down on the lower level - I can't think of the name of it right now but I'm sure the genial owner would enjoy having his picture on the web. He is always so friendly and chatty. Happy Christmas to you and yours. Janet