Thursday, December 31, 2009

A movie day

I’m still trying to finish my Christmas knitting projects. Can you believe it? If you know me at all, I imagine that you can easily believe it. Ana and I decided to have a day of mindless movie watching and knitting. The movies had to be mindless, because if they aren’t, I tend to get engrossed in them and then can’t knit. We rejected On the Waterfront on several grounds – not mindless, and probably not fun. First we watched Rosemary’s Baby” which is one of my favorites and certainly not mindless. But since I have seen it so many times, I didn’t need to attend quite as carefully as I might otherwise have done. We watched an episode of Lewis, a post-cursor of Inspector Morse. These also are not mindless, and in fact, they can be so convoluted that one has to really attend to follow the plot at all, but one doesn’t have to watch as carefully as to listen. Then we watched several Bulldog Drummond movies which Ana has in a set of Classic Mysteries. Bulldog Drummond was a familiar name to me, but I had neither read a story about him, nor listened to his adventures on the radio. Dakki listened to him in her youth. The first Bulldog movie was starring a very youthful Ray Milland. I always think of Ray Milland as a somewhat suavely sinister type, a definitely non-sexy sleezeball, who does things like plot to kill Grace Kelly (Dial M for Murder), look through people and then pluck his eyes out (X, the Man with X-Ray Eyes.) We saw him recently in Three Smart Girls, a Deanna Durbin movie, and he was surprisingly attractive and debonair. In Bulldog Drummond, he was super adorable – charming, delightfully handsome, witty, and dashing. What a surprise!

Pictured is some of the flower tea in the special flower teapot Ana gave me. Tea is an essential part of any movie day.


Eleanor said...

I do so enjoy your blog, but often wonder if you have let others give out the medications now. You have such a wonderfully calamitous life, but one so rich in all the things that matter.

Happy New Year.
Eleanor White, from Markham, Ontario in Canada

Janet said...

Yes, this Christmas time there have been some excellent films on television - so many in fact that we haven't watched any of the dvd's I took out from the library. Today's offering was 2 hours of Frost. When I get unpacked in Seattle I'll have plenty of dvd's to share with you. I'm heading your way on Friday anticipating delivery of our container next week.