Thursday, April 10, 2008

An uncommunicative couple of days

Wow! Our two phones weren’t working, and our internet access was down as well. Rachael and I were cut off from the world. It was awful. At least we had cell phones, or how would we have survived? Our friend Ken, who can fix anything, came and fixed the internet connection and I fiddled with the phones and fixed them a bit. But they still have to be on our Christmas list, as both are a bit funky and have their separate issues. One has only a teensy sound and the other only a teensy battery. So we are reconnected. Sort of. Speaking of which, I am off to Hawaii in a day or two. The last few times we went, my aunts and I were really isolated from news and views – we didn’t get a newspaper, had no computer, didn’t watch the telly or listen to the radio, and phone calls home were looooooong distance. This time, I decided to get a laptop for the trip. I have been wanting one for years, but it always seemed such an extravagance. This trip is the nudge I needed. Now I can spend all day in bed instead of just half of the day. Rebecca said to get a PC, as I would understand how to use it. Rachael said to get a Mac, as it would be cuter. And we could be twins, so to speak. Since I am always hearing from my laptop buying friends about the high infant mortality rates in PC’s, I decided to go with cute. I am a nincompoop when any thing goes wrong with a computer, and am helpless when there is a problem. It was pretty exciting going to the computer store, with Rachael to hold my hand and give support in my hour of anxiety. Spending so much money in one place always makes me a bit ill. But now I don’t know how to use my new toy, (as predicted by Rebecca) and can’t remember the password for our little household WIFI. I sure hope I can figure it all out so I can write in the blog when I am away. Otherwise you won’t be hearing from me for several weeks.

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