Friday, April 18, 2008

Another dull day

Rachael tells me that I have to have pictures, but sadly, I can’t seem to manage to make the pictures small enough to upload. I just have not mastered this Mac. Or maybe I need a special program. So, I don’t have pictures, and I don’t have much to say. We are leading the dull life – crossword puzzles, knitting, reading, swimming and eating. Ecstasy! My thrill of the day yesterday was an allspice tree in my cousin’s yard. There were no berries at this time of the year, but it was full of bright, lively green leaves. I crushed one and it smelled wonderful – all allspicey and fresh. It was genuine aroma therapy. Allspice is one of my favorite spices, and in fact, was the main flavoring of the ugly but delicious pear pie I made several weeds ago. I have a friend who prides herself on cooking everything from scratch and never using ANY shortcuts. She was disapproving when her daughter used concentrated milk (an essential ingredient) when making candy, and bragged to me that she never used allspice, thinking that allspice was a combination like pumpkin pie spice, or Italian Seasoning. I told her that this was not so, but she remained skeptical. Now whenever I use it, I think of her, and, evil person that I am, take a certain malicious joy in it.
This picture is of a wild ginger bush which we saw on a walk last year.

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