Sunday, January 13, 2008

A very busy day

For years, Rebecca was singularly unenthusiastic about putting up the Christmas tree. This mystified me, as the tree always brought such joy and comfort. So every year, Rachael and I whined and moaned, and every year Rebecca put it up, without much complaining. Then last year, since she was either going to school, or to work, or both every day, I realized that if I wanted a tree, it would be via my own efforts, rather than via ukase. Well, putting it up was relatively pleasant, but taking it down- another story. My friend Tom and I marveled that she ever managed it herself, as furniture moving was involved, and the two of us had quite a time moving our game table upstairs. So, once again the dreaded day of tree dismantling could be put off no longer, and what a job! I paused to make some scones for Rachael and Tom, and they were quite good. The recipe, from The Bread Bible, was extremely unhealthy – no doubt why the scones were so lovely. Tom had often reminisced about the best scones he had ever eaten, (at a friend's tea party) and I secretly vowed to top them at some point in my baking efforts, but I thought it would take many attempts. However, he declared these the best he had ever eaten, even better than the tea party scones. Needless to say, I was quite gratified! They were tres yummy!

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