Monday, January 7, 2008

A very exciting day

Today has been a rather exciting day! I have started a blog, and have made a loaf of bread.

Years ago, I made bread all the time, and I never liked it very well, although others seemed to. Apparently the science of bread making has come a long way, and it is possible to make the sort of bread one could only get from a French bakery in the past. Now my daughter, a baker extraordinaire, makes bread, and it is fabulous. So I have decided to try my hand at it, and will be happy if I have half of her success.

Yesterday I made the New York Times bread recipe – absurdly easy and very delicious. There was very little work involved – five minutes on one day, and about a half an hour on the baking day. And it was tres yummy! Today, however, I was more adventurous and made Pugliese from the lovely Bread Bible which my granddaughter gave me for Christmas. In contrast to the NYT bread, this seemed to require tender care all day long. The result was petite but very tasty. I am having a plowman’s lunch for dinner.

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Rebecca said...

What a cute kitty! You say 'Pugliese' pool-ee-Yeh-zay.