Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A spendthrift day

Rebecca needed several items from far flung places, so we had a fun day of shopping. I needed a few things, too – mainly stitch markers for knitting, and I had success finding them. (I had been looking for them for quite a whille.) They were $2. Since we were in the yarn store, I bought some sock yarn I didn’t need - $20. Rebecca took me to a nice cooking store so she could spend her gift certificate – I needed nothing from this store, but spent $50 on things I didn’t need. She took me to Costco, where she could find not one of the items she wanted, and I spent $200 on things I didn’t need. We went to Grocery Outlet (“fabulous bargains on brands you've never heard of”), and I bought more things I didn’t need. As we were wending our way home, I realized that I had forgotten the thing I really did need – cat food for Michael and Maria, the household vermin, and we had to go out again for that. When we finally got home, tired and but not too hungry, as we had eaten Costco junk food, we made pizza. This was the first time in years that I had made a pizza crust (Rebecca is an expert), and it turned out very well. I used the recipe in my wonderful new Bread Bible, and, failing to read the directions carefully, made terrible mistakes right before cooking, but it turned out to be the best I had ever made. I should have gotten a pizza and bread stone at the cooking store, instead of the frivolous things I did get. I will remedy that soon, and the pizza and bread will be even better.

I used Rebecca’s Busy Day Pizza Sauce recipe, some roasted vegetables left over from a previous meal (you can see them peeking out next to the ciabatta below), olives, capers, and cheese, and it was totally delicious. And maybe the world's first Brussels sprout pizza!

Rebecca’s Busy Day Pizza sauce

A can of tomato paste

A can of water

Basil, oregano, thyme

A squashed garlic clove (a big one)

Mix it all up, and voila!

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Rebecca said...

What yummy looking pizza! Is that cauliflower I see?