Sunday, May 3, 2015

An Exerciseful Day

There have been complaints!  In fact, I have complained about myself myself.  Why has that lazy Joanna not done a blog entry in ages?  She has ideas, pictures, but not much blog mojo.  The explanation might be that she just has been doing things that do not involve sitting at a desk staring at a flickery screen, and those things seem way more fun. 

Speaking of way more fun, Rebecca, Rachael, and I went on a 5 K fun run yesterday.  Rebecca had gone on this run in the past and liked it for many reasons – one of which was that it was near her house, and could be walked to.  Another, and I think the primary, charm was that it had a Beer Garden. 

Every participant got a free beer - or more precisely, a tiny can of Something-a-rita.  There were three flavors – Lime-a-rita, Straw-a-rita, or Lemon-a-rita.  We decided to each select different one so that we could try them all.  I thought lime sounded best, and was a inwardly smug when this was the one I got. Usually, being the Mother, I get the one that no one else wants. Maybe they were on to something though, because it was not very good.  The strawberry one was better, but sort of weird.  The lemon one was quite tasty.  There must have been minimal alcohol content, because after finishing the whole thing, I did not feel the tiniest bit tipsy.  As a general rule, three sips of wine will make me unpleasantly giddy. 

The theme du jour was Cinco de Mayo / fiesta / taco truck, and there were more taco trucks than I imagined ever existed. 

Those under 21 were  not allowed into the Beer Garden.  These underage folks are feeling quite left out as they wait for their people.  

I wanted a photo with a scenic Seattle bit, so here is a Black Sun photo bomb. One would have to be previously acquainted with it to recognize its significance as a Seattle sight. 

After brunch, we walked to Madison Park for ice cream.  For those not in the know, that is a looooooong walk.  But fun, especially with my girls.  

PS  Pru:  I have gotten new shoes. 

PPS  Why is my nose so red? 


Tootsie said...

I have missed your blogging!!…which means I DO have too much time on my hands

Marta said...

A fine blog. It was worth the wait. Very interesting.
Love the photo of you and the girls. Beautiful trio.

I. F. said...

The 5K actually looks fun. No wonder people are always doing 5Ks!

Janet McKee said...

I was on the brink of phoning or emailing you to inquire, discreetly of course, re no blogs. Missed you.

Pru said...

Late to the party, I not only missed your blog posts, but I also forgot to check the blog itself. Hooray, new shoes, I hope they added wings to your feet! You all look fit, happy, and disgustingly healthy :D