Thursday, February 3, 2011

A fraternal day

My adorable brother Frank has been here for one of his most welcome, but all too infrequent and too short visits.  Every couple of years, he and his wife Angie  basically drive 600 miles to have lunch with us.  Boo Hoo!  I want him to stay longer.  He is a wonderful guy, and every time I see him, I am amazed anew by what a many-faceted fellow he is. He showed us pictures of some of his current projects, and they were very impressive.  And artistic! And, totally unlike me, how kind and also how unflappable he is.  I often fear that I am the wicked, “fly off the handle way too easily” type.   He got all the “nice” genes in our family.  Rebecca has them too, but they seem to have skipped me.  

We had very little time to have any exciting adventures, but when, as they are, you are from a town with a store, a bank, and about 200 people, it doesn’t take much to qualify as exciting.  We had a nice dinner with the Aunties last evening, and today went to the Market as we do for every visit.  The Market is very exciting for the out-of-towner  - and actually, is still very exciting for me, although I go frequently.  I was very sad to see them go, but was happy to have had a little time to catch up on the events in his life. 


FugueStateKnits said...

Joanna, I don't believe for one minute that the "nice genes" skipped you! You probably have twice the amount of most people! Your family probably has an extra stock of nice and you're just comparing yourself unfavorably:)

Janet said...

A nice family gathering. Lucky you.

Marta said...

You have such an interesting family.
I'm sure your brother is very nice but your whole life is a pattern of goodness e.g. your job. the time you spend in choir & schola, the friends that you help.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Remember...perfection is boring.

Laura said...

What a wonderful visit - your brother looks very nice just like you!