Friday, February 18, 2011

A grey day

It was a grey day outside, but a fun day inside.  Ana and I made fried polenta/ricotta sandwiches, topped with a nice tomato sauce and a poached egg.  Dakki joined us for dinner and a movie – a rather silly Fred Astaire flick with Cyd Charisse.  Basically plotless, but fun  nonetheless.  Just watching them trip about, tap about, and glide about is a pleasure!  What is your favorite musical?  I think mine are The Music Man and Meet Me in St. Louis.  Do they have plots?  Well, sort of, if one is very liberal with the definition of “plot.”   On the other hand, we knitted all day and watched Doc Martin DVD’s.  We are totally caught up in the plots, subplots, side plots,  supraplots, etc. in Doc Martin’s complex love life and peculiar medical practice.  We can’t wait to find out what happens next.  
 PS. Favorite musicals?  I forgot about The Sound of Music!  Wonderful songs, beautiful scenery, and a good plot to boot!  What more could one ask?  And it even has Julie Andrews! 


Marta said...

Joe and I are such Doc Martin fans. We are enjoying the re-runs and waiting for them to start the new ones.
One of my favorite musicals is Song Of Norway. I also like Oklahoma, Annie Get your gun, On the town.
Joe loves The Blues Brothers because it is set in Chicago. It is entertainingly stupid.

Knitman said...

The Sound of Music is my favourite film. I must have watched it 50+ times. I cry every time yet I do not know why.
It has been cold, grey and wet here, tho so far today, just grey and cold. GREAT fun indoors though with 6 x 6wk olds, 2 x 14wks old, 1 x 6mth old and 1 x 8mth old to play with!

Laura said...

I love and have re-watched The Sound of Music many times too and it is always wonderful. WestSide Story's dancing and music also one of my favorites. I'd almost forgotten aout The Music Man which I saw so long ago and now have it in my queue

Janet said...

We watched our first Doc Marten last night - am eager to see more. My cousin in SF recommended the series for the scenery in Cornwall. I found a lot more to it than that.