Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Resentful Day

I have had a house guest for a few days and those days have been very long ones.   My great-grandkitty, Bunny, was visiting while her Mum was traveling.  Bunny is definitely a character.  As Rebecca would say, she knows her own mind.  As my Aunt Pauline would say, she is a caution, and as my Aunt Dakki would say, she has spirit.  I won’t mention what I would say.

 You can see that Bunny is a beauty, and she indeed does have spirit – much like that of Gloria Swanson or Joan Crawford (or at least their public personas) – a diva to her core.

It was apparent from the start that Bunny resented having to visit Tobias and me.
Initially, she hissed at poor Tobias every time he tried to be affectionate, and would not give me the time of day.  When she settled in a bit, she became friendlier to both of us – letting me pet and caress her, and letting Tobias take his nap next to her.  But her mood was always a bit labile, and her bitterness continued! 

I understand that divas let their displeasure be known, and Bunny has done that.  She obviously resents being left behind by her mother, and feels that she would surely be a sensation if she too were to travel to New York! She showed her resentment is creative ways, as you can see.

The first shock!

The most awful shock!

By this time, not really a shock at all.

                                 I don't want this junk up here on my shelf!

That's better.

When it was time for Bunny to return home, her Mum was super happy to see her again. and Bunny was delighted to be back in her usual environs, and I have to confess that I was not distressed to say "Ciao" to her.  One person though, misses her, and has been looking all over the house for his fluffy friend.

Where is she?


Tootsie said...

aw, Tobias needs a companion

Marta said...

You must learn to say "NO".
What a beautiful yet "ugly" cat. Being named Bunny is probably the reason. I hope you showed the photos to the owner of monster cat!
If Tobias needs a companion, it is not "Bunny"!

joannamauselina said...

Bunny has a good heart, although she is s little vain. She was just upset and missing her Mum. 😿

I. F. said...

Bunny wreaked havoc! It's like she turned into the were-rabbit.

Samos said...


Colin Andersson said...

Strangely I was only dreaming last night how I I miss keeping my cats. I was meant to read your article! Mind there is no way I could anyway as I physically could not do with litter trays. Thank fully I am still able to look after the dogs tho I am going to have to start sending them to a groomer.

Janet McKee said...

Eek. I'll watch out for any potential homewreckers alias bunnies.

Janet McKee said...

Happy Easter Joanna. Keep the blogs coming.

Lorette said...

Oh dear. She is a diva. You're probably glad she has returned to her own castle.

Happy Easter!

Janet McKee said...

Joanna - missing your blog posts. Blame your absence on the cat?