Friday, March 20, 2015

A Spring Day

Van Gogh Spring Ordhards

Spring is finally upon us, in a manner of speaking, i.e., calendar-wise.  The weather has been fairly dull and dark, with the occasional ray of sun peeking through the misty, moisty gloom. On Sunday morning, buckets of rain hurtled down from the heavens, drenching everyone as they walked from here to very nearby there.  The vesting room in the Cathedral basement was flooded, and we had to paddle about to get our Sunday morning treats.  Later, in the afternoon, when the Schola ladies arrived, the water was inches deep, and the Schola burst into song – “Wade in the Water,” as that was what we had to do to get to our cassocks. 

Despite the dull weather, there are many glittering signs of Spring. The cherry trees are in blossom, the primroses are peeking up to greet us with their sunny faces, tulips and daffodils are basking in the occasional glint of sun.  The choir is singing Lenten music, and gearing up for Holy Week.  But the most cheering sign of spring is …….

A few years ago I was talking about my penchant for Peeps with some of my colleagues at work.  “Eeewwww!” they all said in unison, making faces of disgust. “Peeps are revolting!”  I was, of course, offended, but “chacon a son gout.”  However, a day later, another friend brought me a little Easter basket.  It had quite a few Peeps in it.  I was delighted, but as quick as a blink, my co-workers had gobbled up all of my Peeps.  This led me to believe that some must consider Peep-love to be a secret low vice - one which much be kept strictly secret - closet Peep eaters they were.  Rebecca, understanding my springtime needs, got me this new Peep bunny incarnation.  

Another sure sign of spring is Cadbury's Eggs.  Possibly better than Peeps, but one can't comfortably eat quite as many of them.  I had been resisting purchasing one, but Rachael surprised me with this little gift!  Yum.


Janet McKee said...

Cadbury's eggs get my vote. Yum.

Marta said...

Lovely post. Words match the beautiful blossoms.
Cadbury rules.

Pru said...

Love the Cadbury Creme Eggs, but it's impossible to eat one even slightly elegantly, so I too have transferred my allegiance to Peeps. Latest count: 4 boxes, just one reluctantly shared.

Are those really peaches/apricots? I'm jealous of your spring - here there are still bare twigs with nary a leaf in sight. Perhaps tomorrow's 71 degree forecast will hasten their eruption.

I. F. said...

I wonder if Zizi would like Peeps. Hmmm....