Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Stressful Day, er - Week

The last week has been very trying for Tobias and me.  Rachael’s bathroom had ick under the floor, and so the whole room had to be redone.  Given that the bathroom was her one sorrow with her otherwise stellar apartment, it turned out to be a good thing. The down side was that she and her kitties had to stay with me for a week.  I was looking forward to Rachael’s visit, but the kitties – not so much.  Bunny had visited in the past when Rachael was on vacation, and she turned out to be an unideal houseguest and a tormentrix to poor innocent Tobias. She is a great beauty, and like many of that ilk, takes advantage of her magnificence, expecting adulation at every turn.   As soon as she and her sister Keanu, who immediately went into hiding, to emerge only occasionally at meal time,  arrived, we all retired, done in by our day at the Fair.  Bunny, however, leapt onto my lap, screeched at Tobias, ripped my pajamas, fortunately not drawing blood, and then settled herself on my pillow from which she refused to be budged.  She growled, with occasional escalations into hissing, all night long, right in my ear.   Later, she took over Tobias’s couch, jumped up onto anything high, and knocked my tchotchkes from their places of honor.  

Note the picture of Rebecca on the piano -- Oh, it's not there.  It's on the floor!

Ever a lover of altitude, she climbed onto my second floor banister while I watched in horror.  

She is so fierce that I was reluctant to dissuade her.  Thinking that cats understand this sort of thing, I just stared in helpless fascination.  But when she slipped off on the non-stair side, and was hanging by her fingernails, (see photo below - same pose)  she needed to be rescued. 

I bravely grabbed her, and, rather than lacerating my hand, she seemed to be actually grateful for the intervention.  She never again tried to get onto the banister, which, now scarred by her talons, will be an eternal memento of her visit.    

By the end of the week, things were much calmer with only the occasional outbreak of hisses and screeches.  When I heard that the bathroom was not ready and I would have my guests for three more days, I was pleased.  

Everything here is mine!


Tootsie said...

My heavens, what an unruly guest!. When we used to have the darling Lilly visit, I could expect dog teeth marks on several furniture items, mementos of her delightful visit. Bunny is quite beautiful.

Marta said...

You have conquered the evil eye and turned it into one of peace and harmony. Meow!

Pru said...

Good grief, what an ingrate. We too have had un-ideal house guests, but none of them have knocked curios from their display or left claw marks on the banisters. Ours were more likely to keep vastly different hours from the rest of the household, or ingest indecent quantities of our alcohol (we're talking LARGE amounts here!) without offering to replace at lest a little of what they consumed. Had Bunny behaved thus she might never have been asked back.

I. F. said...

Bunny is lovely. It was nice of you to rescue her. I'm amazed she was grateful since normally they act as though they would have landed on their feet anyway. Hope the bathroom is finished now!

Laura said...

Such fun reading this post! Bunny would take the prize in a naughty kitty contest. Love the pictures!

I. F. said...

Your readers are ready for a new post!