Monday, September 22, 2014

A Birthday and a Fair Day

What to do for Becca’s Birthday?  Rachael opted for Mount Rainier or the Olympic peninsula, but I pointed that we would not have time to drive either place, since I couldn’t start till after Mass and that would be lateish.  Those were start-at-the-crack-of-dawn destinations. Well, the Fair was on its last day, and they both LOVE the fair.  Me?  Not so much.  But I put on my happy face, and off we went.  My primary concern was actually getting there, as none of us really knew where exactly where Puyallup is, and then where the fair would be once we found Puyallup.  But after accidentally taking several scenic (they actually were scenic) routes, we found it, and, mirabile dictu, also found a nice parking place. 

One really important Fair activity:    

Fair Food!

Another:  Admiring the flashy colors!

And the truly Weird!  There were lots of "collections" on display - some quite bizarre.

And the rides!  This one was really scary, rendered its passengers unable to walk without wobbling immediately on exit.  It got excellent reviews from my girls.  I opted to take pictures from solid ground.

Less scary, but still lotsa fun!

Rachael assured me that this one would not be scary - just fun.  She was mistaken.  It was hideous.  As I was finally tottering off it, the kindly attendant asked me. "Are you okay, hon?"  Rachael and Becca thought this was hilarious.  If you look closely, you can barely see Rachael waving happily, and me fainting away.

Splendid sunset, and then evening falls on a fun, fun day.

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Marta said...

Love the Fair photos. I'm surprised you didn't have traffic problems.
The photo from above is great.
I am a fan of the fair ( not the rides)
I love the vegetable display.
They used to have great quilts but not sure they still have them.
The photography display is usually good as well.
We have never found good food at the Fair.

joannamauselina said...

There were lots of amazing quilts, but my pictures didn't turn out. There was some good knitting too. And photos. And cute 4-H sewing.

I. F. said...

I can't believe you did a ride! How terrifying. Weren't the elephant ears delicious?

Tootsie said...

Just looking at the ride you were on, makes me tremble. I cannot believe you rode it!, I am scared just looking at your picture. You guys drove right by Casa Ipsen on your way to the hinterlands, next time you will have to stop for refreshment on the journey!

Pru said...

Happy belated birthday to Becca! Funnel Cakes are popular fair fare back East, but I've never seen them with jam and ice cream (whipped cream?). Ours typically have a hefty sprinkling of powdered sugar and that's it.

Like you I am a big fan of terra firma. Just looking at the photos of the rides is enough to make my stomach flip.

Laura said...

Really fabulous fair pictures! You girls sure had fun. Although you do look less than thrilled on your ride. I gave up rides in the 80's after enduring "The Bullet" ride and spending the rest of the day trying to get my equilibrium back. Happy belated birthday, Becca