Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Literary Day

Joe Guppy being adorable

There have been lots of blogworthy events lately – so many in fact, that I haven’t had time to blog about them.   Hence the huge hiatus. Sigh! I look at the date of the last post, and can only sigh again.  So now, where to begin? Well, maybe with the most recent and significant.  My cousin Joseph has just had a book published. That is quite significant, as anyone would agree. The grand opening  (do books have grand openings? or only grocery stores?) was a smash hit reading at Elliot Bay Bookstore.   Joseph was his usual fabulous self, and, as they say, the crowd, and there really was a good crowd, went wild. The book is memoir about a very difficult time as a youth thirty years ago, when, during a trip to Mexico, he took a tummy med, and had a terrible reaction – a toxic psychosis which sent his already angst filled psyche right over the edge and him to a mental hospital for three months.  The episode was a Boschian nightmare, which Joseph details with humor, while never minimizing  his terror and sometimes hopelessness.  Take a peek at the book’s video trailer and take a taste here!

Joe Guppy being intellectual

When I got home from the reading with my new book, I thought I would dip in and read a few pages before going night-night, but I was immediately drawn into Joseph’s hellish situation and I had to keep reading until about four hours before I needed to get up.  Then I forced myself to put the book down until the next day. 

You can get your copy at Elliot Bay or here!!!!


Laura said...

This is an amazing story - I looked at the book's video trailer. Wish I could have seen him at the book reading. Looking forward to reading this book.

I. F. said...

The whole clan is so talented and amazing.