Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Triumphal Day for a Procrastinator

Horrible, isn't it?

What else has nudged its way into blogging time?  Well, everyone knows that I am the arch procrastinator.  I have lots of undone tasks, all of which I expect to finish some day, but none has, in days of late, caused me the procrastinator anxiety that my fence has.  For over two years, I have been babbling about painting my fence, whining because it was so ugly, and generally fretting about it.  Finally, as another winter was fast approaching and sunny days could not be counted on, with the help (lots of help) of dear Samos, I took the bull by the horns – or rather the fence by the scraper and paint brush, and got going on it.

  I cannot say that it is entirely done, because there is a bit left, and it needs a second coat, but it looks much better.  This was a hideous ordeal, but I am happy that is done – or, I should say, sort of done.  As soon as a few more dry days come, I will, I will, I will, finish it.  I promise.  

Samos helping with, er - doing, the prep work.

And where is the picture of the sparkling white fence?  Maybe I will get to that tomorrow. 


Marta said...

That fence would make a procrastinator out of most people.
Having to paint all the inside and outside is a tough job.
Love your home. It has such personality whether or not the fence is painted.

Samos said...

My wet hair looks like a comb over! Don't forget to put-up after photos! :-)

Laura said...

What a great friend you have in Samos! You've just reminded me of all my projects I've been procrastinating about. Ugh! Good for you and waiting for the white picket fence photos