Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Sporty Day

Beauty on an early morning run

On my last day of my nursing job, I took my pocket camera  to work so that I could take snaps of my wonderful colleagues. As I was leaving, I dropped the camera onto the concrete. Fortunately, the pictures I had taken survived, but the camera did not. This meant that I needed a new camera to carry about in my pocket (me being one of the few creatures left on earth who has a minimally functional absolutely not smart phone, and thus no photographic constant companion.) I asked Becca to investigate and select a replacement camera for me and order it.  So she did. When the camera came, it was amazing. I had given her my camera parameters, and they added up to a fabulous, and hence, fabulously expensive, by my humble standards, camera.  Way too posh to carry about in one’s pocket. So my best camera became my second best camera, and my intended pocket camera became my camera to cosset and to only take safe places.  And there I was with still no “take everywhere” pocket camera, a sine qua non of my blogger life.  This time, I took more of a hand in selecting the new pocket camera, with an eye to the bottom line – i.e. “el relatively cheapo.”  Yay!  It came, and as cameras go, is very cute.  I took it on its first outing, a trip to the hardware store with Michelle. One thing I love is a hardware store.  They seem to be disappearing these days, only to be replaced by hideous big personality-less monsters.

Actually, its real first outing was earlier in the day on my run with Becca.  But I didn’t count it as a real camera outing, as I only took one picture.  Having gone on an early morning run would qualify this as a “sporty day,”  don’t you think?  Our runs are really not runs, but trots. “Run” sounds better though.  There is lots of gasping, whining and complaining on my part. The whining is slowly abating, but not the gasping.  I no longer feel that I am going to die any moment, and can usually speak in complete sentences as we jog along.  These are sporty improvements.



Rebecca Ross said...

Your new camera is certainly tiny!

Marta said...

I am impressed, with the running,
the camera, the photos.

Lia Nord said...

Lovely photos! I need a camera like that. I have an "old" digital camera that is going to give up the ghost soon. Your heading photo is spectacular!

Laura said...

Looking at your photos is always a treat. And now with a mostly ever present tiny camera there will be more to see!

Janet McKee said...

Interesting flashback.