Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Crafty Day

Peggy's robin, Maria's bunny, Corinna's Mother Joseph's head, and my amorphous mass

The Dear Twins are both hyper clever and hyper artistic.  Everything they do is wonderful.  Everything they make is wonderful.  Their latest hobby-let is needle felting, and of course they are champions, making items of complexity and cuteness that I can only gasp at and admire.  Their latest efforts have been depicting favorite literary characters. Recently, they invited Peggy and I to come drink tea and have a go at it.  Needle felting is something that I have read about, and wondered about, but never tried to do. I did some preparatory thinking about what cute thing I could possibly make, but came up with a blank.  As to literary personae, they are, in general, pretty complex – at least in their physical make-up, if not in their characterization. 

One of my favorite novels is The Woman in White, and it does have some characters that I might possibly be able to sculpt – Count Fosco’s mice.  Sigh!  My mouse so far is looking more scatological than murine.  Maria made a brilliant bunny, and Peggy made progress on a robin.

Setting out the supplies.  

Starting to get crafty!

Mother Joseph's eye is taking shape.

Peggy's bird will look more bird-like in a few minutes.

The bunny is emerging from the floss.

What I lacked in felting skills, I made up for in eating skills.

Big added bonus!  Zizi joined the party.

She is working on her eating skills too, and doing a good job with Peggy's yummy molasses cookies (my favorite!)

Her Aunties adore her! She is indeed pretty adorable.


Pru said...

You sell yourself short, Joanna, I think your mouse would make a credible Jane Eyre.

Marta said...

I agree with Pru.

The display of cookies is a work of art.

Lia Nord said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I love the collection of little felted figures-including your cute little mouse. The only times I ever did needle felting, I pierced my fingers almost as much as I did the felt, so it was a rather painful experience.

The tea and accompaniments look delicious! What fun to share it all with your friends, including that adorable little girl with her huge blue eyes!

I. F. said...

It was so fun! I hope you have added eyes to your mouse. That will make it much more murine.

Laura said...

A great, cute and adorable post! I'm amazed at what was made from the felt. The little guest does have the most beautiful blue eyes!

I. F. said...

I love reading posts about how wonderful I am. And WHO is that adorable little girl with the blue eyes? Angelic. ;)