Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Fun (and a tiny bit triumphant) Day

Pasta is pretty in pink!

I saw this recipe in the New York Times, and really, really wanted to make it.  It looked sooo delightfully pink and jovial, and I love beets.  I felt that its uniqueness would most appeal to daring eaters, so this eliminated my aunties – both incredible food wimps – as potential guests.  It had to be adventurers who love beets.  All this pointed directly to The Twins.  We decided to have it at their house, so I prepared the sauce and they prepared everything else.  And indeed, it was très yummy! And the evening was très, très fun.  Usually when we play Skat, I am a chronic loser, but the first hand was one of the best I have ever had.  Ever! In my entire Skat life!  This made me pretty cheery, but I tried to restrain my gleeful smirks.  I find gloating winners even more annoying than pouting losers.  (Usually however, these two traits are combined in the same person.)  I hope I managed. 

I recommend this recipe, both because it is very tasty, and visually impressive, but also it is pretty quick to make – provided you have a food processor to grate the beets.  The beet sauce and ricotta topping can all be done ahead, and then the pasta cooked at the last minute.  Try it and amaze your non-wimpy friends!

The table looked colorful and festive. In short - exquisite!


Laura said...

Looks beautiful! Did it turn your food processor pink??

joannamauselina said...

Not at all, but my tea towel has pink spots. I always wear an apron when doing beets.

I. F. said...

It was a delightful and delicious pre-Thanksgiving feast.

Marta said...

It looks delicious. I made a beet salad for Thanksgiving. I had so much beet juice in the bottom of the bowl, I could've covered the pasta without grating it. Wimpy household so no use trying it. Liz and I would like it.

Pru said...

This looks simply delicious. Your color is much more dramatic than the NYT version, well done!