Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Birthday

A mish mash of Christmas decor  preparations

Actually, it’s not a birthday - or I should say not my birthday - but on my real one, Samos and I, although we tried, did not manage to get together and have been unable to until now.  So we celebrated it with a lovely lunch at a new-to-us vegetarian restaurant and some fun shopping.  He knew that Rebecca and I would not have been to this restaurant, as it required a long drive and some tricky navigation, neither of which are my special enthusiasms.  Au contraire!  I loathe both of them.  So it was a fun treat, with good company and delicious food.  Then we went plant shopping (for him – although I could not resist getting at least one.)  I thought that the nursery was unusual in that it combined a Christmas store and a nursery.  However, when I tried to google it, I discovered that this is not unusual at all, au contraire again – it is très ordinaire! There are lots of them.  The folks at Rosso’s do the Christmas décor for many local stores and business, including some pretty big names – store-wise.

Then we went to an antique mall that we like, and I got some soup spoons, my lack of which has been highlighted by several recent winter meals.  Samos made a new friend.  Don’t they seem to be smiling at one another?

This second one seems not quite so charmed by him.

My birthday gift made me shriek with joy!  There it is on the very left.  A Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee commemorative tea caddy.  Yay! Why do I love these Royal Family tchotchkes?  I can’t say.  My personal connection with them is pretty minimal.  In fact, non-existent, but nonetheless, I adore them all, along with all the related memorabilia.


Rebecca Ross said...

It's too bad that restaurant is so far away! Maybe we can go there next time we go to Ikea.

Samos said...

You are such a good photographer. The only one that seems to ever get decent pictures of me! I'm anxious to go that restaurant again. The menu selection looked typical, but the quality was quite untypical. I heard about it from several foodies who were going on a bout it on KUOW.

Laura said...

Roar!! Great pictures! The whole outing looked super fun.

Pru said...

LIKE! Especially the tea caddy.