Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Banner Day

Happy Birthday to Dakki!  It’s the fiftieth anniversary of her thirty-ninth birthday.  Imagine being the same age for fifty years.  It seems impossible, but Dakki has done it.  I recall once, years ago, when Dakki had been thirty-nine for several decades, the two of us were in a bank setting up a new account, or some such thing.  The bank clerk asked Dakki how old she was, and she promptly replied, “Thirty-nine.”  Then, he asked for her date of birth.  Not being in the least adept at quick mental math, she simply gaped at him.  As I promptly supplied the appropriate date, Dakki looked relieved, and I believe that the bank man was relieved as well. 

So once again, Happy Birthday to my darling and adored Auntie!

She seems to be quite the party animal!  Some of Dakki’s friends gave her a party earlier in the day, and she is getting another party on the weekend, as everyone was going to work today.  But alas, I was ill and couldn’t go. I managed to pull myself together enough to heat up some leftovers and make my superior five minute lemon cake so that we could have a tiny party on the proper day – just the two of us.  After our dinner and cake, we watched an episode of The Irish RM – one of my favorite Masterpiece Theaters from about the time that Dakki had been thirty-nine for only about thirty years. It was a nice birthday for Dakki and a nice sick day for me.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Dakki! I've never met you but feel I know you. I'm glad you included your dessert link - I've felt like making a lemony something lately!

Marta said...

Great, great, post. You are so funny.
I can even forgive you for loving royalty. I think all the fuss and fancy is a little ridiculous.

I love Dakki. I quote her a lot. My favorite is when she said (after putting two teaspoons of sugar in her coffee)" Sugar is a