Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Banner Day

Our beautiful cathedral

Whenever I am off of work for more than four days (this doesn’t happen very often,) I am usually eager to go back. I generally get over it quickly, and by the second day, I wonder what my problem was.  Whenever we have no choir rehearsal for some reason or other, I initially celebrate the extra evening in which I may do nothing.  But the evening palls very quickly, and I wonder what my problem was.  Due to our superhuman exertions during Holy Week and Easter, we didn’t sing on the subsequent Sunday and didn’t have a rehearsal during Easter week.  While singing in the choir is my favorite thing in life, I do enjoy sitting in the congregation, participating with them, and being inspired by the music in a more passive way.  But a (very) occasional week of that is enough!  So I was super excited to return to the rehearsal room on Thursday, to see all my friends again after a week apart, and to be a part of the marvelous music making that is our choir.  This was much more of a return than just choir members reconvening after a week off.  Jimour director, who had a grievous fall on Christmas Eve, soldiered through the Midnight Mass, despite what must have been incredible pain, had surgery on Christmas Day, and who has since been hobbling around on crutches or directing us from a wheelchair – for more than three months - was again upright on two unaided feet.  This was indeed a banner day, and a little post-Easter resurrection of sorts.   Thus, a grand evening in more than one wonderful way.

Back on two feet!