Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Running Day

Feeling fit after our trot!

Rebecca and Rachael are both convinced that I am an out of shape bag of flab and on the verge of extinction unless I start up an exercise regime.  This seems to be a constant theme with them, and they are both after me to get into shape! 

Years ago, I worked in a clinic where they did all sorts of diagnostic tests.  If the test didn’t involve x-rays or needles, I was always happy to volunteer as a lab rat while they tried out any new equipment.  This was usually a lot more fun than sitting at my desk.  My favorites were new MRI programs, because one could actually take a little snooze in the giant tube and enjoy all those soothing noises. Once, they got new exercise stress testing equipment.  I suspected that sitting at my desk would be more fun than trying this out, but they were persuasive. Very persuasive, as they knew that everyone else there was on to them, and would refuse!  Later, after an exhausting and humiliating session on the stationary bicycle while wired onto all sorts of hideous machines, the doctor in charge said to me, “You’re not really fond of exercising, are you?” I was mortified and immediately took up swimming every day.  The first day at the pool, I did seven laps and then thought that the medics might have to come and assist me, gasping, out of the water. 

Rebecca finally nagged me and nagged me to start a fun (!) running - actually slowly trotting - program with her.  She drug me to the running shoe store where I unwillingly bought an extremely ugly pair of shoes, (see above photo,) and we went on our first trot.  We went quite a bit further than I expected, and when I staggered home, I felt much as I had years before, getting out of the pool after my first swimming ordeal.  My vision was blurry, my legs were trembly, my hands were shaky, my heart was pounding, and muscles that I hadn’t thought of in years were screaming.  I considered of taking an ibuprofen to help with recovery, but Becca said that ginger would be better, so we both had some.  Instant relief!  It was sort of a miracle.  Ginger cures everything that Tiger Balm doesn’t. 

The second day, we went even further.  (“Far” is a very relative term here. Becca and Rachael go for miles and miles.  I go for blocks and blocks.)  But I now I am a tiny bit enthusiastic and am looking forward to our next trot!

The REI foyer where we went to buy supportive undergarments for our exercise regimen.


Samos said...

Fun! Lets go longboarding! :-)

Rebecca Ross said...

We'll go all the way to the coffee place next time!

I. F. said...

If you ever want to feel really fast, thin, and young, come running with us!

Marta said...

I am so impressed.
This morning I walked about a mile and felt good about it. Later today. I'll either walk or work in the yard.

Maybe I'll try to run. I probably should wear a helmet and knee pads.

Laura said...

Cute picture! Those shoes are unique not ugly. I've never seen a pair that color-I like them. So inspiring!! I might get off my chair this morning and get myself to the YMCA.

Pru said...

Joanna, you are an inspiration in so many ways! BTW, your running shoes are positively ravishing compared with my simply ghastly (and extremely expensive!) walking shoes, a revolting lime green and grey combo. Fortunately they are at least comfortable.

Lia Nord said...

I agree with Pru--they are quite spiffy running shoes! I think you are doing very well--and you get lots of exercise walking, whether you run or not. At the rehab center I saw some incredibly ugly exercise shoes, including bright orange and construction-worker-psychedelic green. Mine are simply drab.

Lorette said...

Something must be in the air, I actually joined a gym last week.
And having just bought a new pair of running shoes myself, I have to say that women's athletic shoes are generally made in rather horrifying color combinations. On the positive side, those are bright enough that you are unlikely to lose them.