Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vacation Day

I’m on vacation for Holy Week, and I’ve been working really hard!  I guess this “working really hard” is pretty relative, however.  The other day, I told Rebecca that the next day I was just going to pamper myself.  There was a silence from her.  “I know what you’re thinking,” I said.  “You think I pamper myself every day of my life.”  She admitted that that was exactly what she thought.  “I didn’t say it though.  You did yourself,” she responded, defending her calumny.  I guess it is a little true.  I don’t really exert myself too awfully much. 

So, for this vacation, I have prepared a long list of little tasks that I want to get done, and every day I am working through the list and then doing one fun thing.  Sunday was Palm Sunday all day long, with two choir practices and a Mass in the morning, a tiny nap in between, and then another Mass. That doesn’t sound particularly fun, but actually it was.  Choir practice and Mass are generally fun.  Or at any rate, enjoyable. When I got home, I went straight to beddie-bye and ignored the list altogether.  

Monday I made a big dent in the list.  One of the more onerous tasks was organizing the music for the eight upcoming services that one or the other, or both of my two choirs is singing in.  I needed to combine the two books and be sure that every piece of music comes up when needed – without having to page through to find it.  Tobias felt that he could help with this (see above photo), but he was sadly mistaken.  He was no help at all. Nonetheless, I managed to work around him and finally get it done. 

In the evening, I went with my friend Michelle to see Greta Garbo in The Kiss, her last silent film. (Garbo’s, not Michelle’s. Michelle is not a movie star.)  Just going to the wonderful Paramount Theater, one of the ever dwindling number of Movie Palaces, marveling at the posh beauty of the theater itself and listening to the mighty Wurlitzer, is an adventure.  Going with friends and seeing a marvelous silent movie  - priceless!!   Actually, not priceless – it cost’s $10, but that’s a bargain in the grand scheme of things.

Today, lunch with Rachael, and more tasks crossed off the list. 

So far, a good vacation!


Lorette said...

It sounds like a lovely beginning! I am off this week except for tomorrow. I always request Thursday-Sunday of Holy Week off since otherwise it's a bit dodgy getting to Mass.
Wasn't Garbo just gorgeous? I haven't seen that one, it would be wonderful in an old theater. We have the Rialto and the Pantages down here in Tacoma, they are lovely old theaters.

Pru said...

I'm always impressed at how much you get done. As for lists, I don't see a problem in making the first task "Make List", that way you're certain to be able to cross off at least one item. My lists always contain something easily attainable like "Make Bed" so I can take pride in having done at least something.

Your movie palace is absoutely gorgeous, I wish we had something comparable nearby instead of the usual generic multiplexes (multiplices?).

Tobias, as usual, brings light and life to any photo into which he can insert himself.

Marta said...

I love living on wooded property but being in the city has advantages.
I don't remember the Paramount being quite that gorgeous. You really have an eye for photography.
Any one in Schola and Choir has a busy life, with or without a list.

Laura said...

It looks like you have really made progress on your list as I examined your checkmarks!