Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Touristy Day

One of my happy kiddy memories was going to the Museum of History and Industry with my father.  He loved it, particularly the parts having to do with airplanes, and we went frequently.  

My brother seemed to not have as much interest in the airplanes, but was enthusiastic about the trucks and trains.  

I liked it all, and once Bobo, the beloved Seattle gorilla, having gone to his eternal reward, was no longer at the zoo, he became my main MOHAI interest.  His gigantic stuffed self greeted visitors from a glass cage near the entrance.  I continued to go frequently until MOHAI started charging for admittance, and then went only when a singing group I was in had the occasional performance there.

When the MOHAI moved to its posh new digs, I was eager to go.  But so expensive!  I have to confess that I am a real cheapskate. So, given that the first Thursday of the month is free, my friends Laura, Sun, fellow nurses on my unit, and I arranged an expedition.  When we got there, it was not only free day, but it seemed to be old lady day. I, of course, fit right in.  The most prominent group, the Shoreline Red Hat Society  looked fabulous in their red hats and purple outfits. 

Naturally, I was on the lookout for Bobo, but he was in some cellar being refurbished.  One of the docents told us that when Bobo died, the MOHAI got his skin, and the Burke got his skeleton.  He had a wife, Fifi, (whom he rejected) but one does not ever hear much about her.  Bobo was loved by a generation of zoo goers, and his memory, as well as his remains, lives on in Seattle.

We had a terrific day!  The new museum exhibits are amazing.  One can follow a timeline, starting with Native American artifacts, 

the landing of the first white settlers on Alki beach,  early ship building, an amusing movie about the Seattle fire, and on through the years, culminating with the current exhibit about movie making in Seattle.  You can even star in a movie! 

Sun has always wanted to be a movie star!

Other important Seattle landmarks are memorialized.

Afterward, we visited the Center for Wooden Boats.

It was a super fun day.  You can see more pictures of our day by clicking here.  This is a blog with updates on some of the doings of my work colleagues. 


Laura said...

You have such great photos! And it was a great day. Fun to read your own history at MOHAI with your family visits there.

Marta said...

Exceptional photos. I've been wanting to visit the new museum. We visited the old one quite often.
I'll show Joe your photos, then he'll be inspired to visit.