Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cleaning Day

Tobias's treasures

 Cleaning day is usually a happy day for my little household.  Perversely, or so my family says, I actually enjoy cleaning house, and Margaret and Tobias always like it also, because it necessarily means that I am home and am paying quite a bit of attention to them.  Their assistance is usually (but not absolutely always) appreciated, and they get lots of pets and cuddles along the way.  Today was a particularly rewarding cleaning day for Tobias.

Often when doing the basic cleaning tasks, I sometimes add in one special deep cleaning chore – such as actually moving the refrigerator to sweep under it.  That particular task occurs possibly semi-annually, I’m afraid, and it is always a bit of a shock when I see what has accumulated.  I looked under my couch today and considered attacking the gigantic dust creatures under there, but decided that it would take two people to move the couch and it is such an antique that the two would have to be very careful lest the whole thing fall apart.  Instead, I cleaned under a little corner hutch in my kitchen.  There, I found a collection of kitty toys which had mysteriously disappeared.  Tobias was thrilled to have his little treasures unearthed, and, tossing them about, immediately lost one under the previously mentioned couch.  He pouted, staring balefully at the spot into which it vanished. Having actually seen it disappear, I was able to retrieve it for him, much to his relief. 

Shiny is best, Tobias thinks.

Margaret had a more placid day, and was relieved when the whole thing was over and I sat down to have a cup of tea with her snuggling up against me. She said that she thought Tobias was silly to get so worked up about a few shiny things, and I actually heard her murmur the word “magpie.”


Laura said...

Well, it is good to know that Tobias was also a shy cat. I'm happy to be a vicarious pet owner for now. The picture of Tobias is outstanding!

Marta said...

I've already commented on Face Book but will repeat that I can't believe toys for Tobias are co clean.

Love your photos.