Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Sleepy Day

I always think of snoozing in one’s chair as a behavior specific to fusty old men.  My father, decidedly not fusty, had a chair that no one was allowed to sit in - ever.  Unless he wassn't home, of course.  He frequently took a post-prandial nap, and then we had to creep around not making any noise.  Weird, I thought!  But……   I find these days, that it is a sort of fun thing to do.  And, when one feels a nap coming on, it eliminates the effort involved in making one’s way to one's bed.  I have my particular chair, and all my supplies – current reading, current knitting project and some essential knitting equipment – are right there next to it, or more likely, in it.  Tobias does not seem to thoroughly understand that it is actually my chair and not his, but then, he feels that every chair in the house is his, and gravitates between them throughout the day for a little variety in his extended diurnal nap.  However, if he senses that I am about to take my spot in my chair, then that chair instantly becomes his primary focus and he immediately takes it over.

 Through the years, my chair has been a popular nap spot.

Tom and Maria frequently took five.

Dakki made herself at home in it.

These two think it belongs to them

Here is how I envision myself as I snooze away in my chair. 


Marta said...

Looks just like you.

Rebecca Ross said...

What a good kitty that Maria was!

I. F. said...
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I. F. said...

That's exactly what you look like when you are curled up in your chair, only you are somewhat more flowing and graceful.

Laura said...

So relaxing looking at these blissful sleepers. Now I'm in the mood for a nap.