Friday, February 8, 2013

A Visiting Day

We are all so glad to see Frank!

My adorable brother Frank made his annual 600 mile trip to have lunch with us, and we had a great time at Hing Loon, our favorite Chinese restaurant, and the one to which we go every Holy Thursday.  I have always been a little envious when characters in books or movies go into restaurants and the staff knows exactly what they want.  Well, to some extent, that happens to Rebecca and me here.  We usually get the same table, and the waitress knows in advance what we like best.

The conversationalists.

The dessert.

The person who just ate my dessert and is feigning innocence.  

Frank is easy to entertain, both because he is a mellow fellow, and because the town were he lives is comprised of three stores and a post office.  And probably a gas station.  And that is about it.  So everything in Seattle is exciting.  Even walking around down town is an adventure.  Well, actually, I was born here, and I find still walking around down town an adventure.  There is always an aliveness and excitement about it, even on the greyest days.  And while this day started out sunny, by the time we got to the Center for Wooden Boats, it had become a misty-moisty sweater-is-not-enough day.  It would have seemed less chilly if we had not dressed for the morning sun.  We should have known better, especially since the same thing happened to us on our walk last week.  

Rebecca and Rachael enjoying a favorite place (at lease one of my favorites - not sure about them)


Laura said...

You have a cute family! Love the conversationalists :)

Marta said...

What a great day. I like your brother, and I haven't even met him.
Anyone easy to entertain is at the top of my list.
Lovely family!

Marta said...

I forgot to mention the great photos.