Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas!

I'm wishing a Happy and Blessed Christmas to all my wonderful blogfriends!  And incidentally, a Happy New Year too.


Samos said...

You were so pretty on TV! Too bad you didn't have your hair down... Music was great. Merry Christmas! :-)

Laura said...

Merry Christmas to you! That is a very,very pretty Christmas mantle display. Sweet.
Hope I can see the segment of you on TV.

Pru said...

What? You are a TV star and I didn't see you? Happy Christmas to you, Joanna, and to all your family. Spike has woken from his surfeit of Christmas treat induced slumbers and sends his kindest regards to Margaret.



I. F. said...

I love your Nativity scenes! They didn't have anything like that at the Advent bazaar this year. Merry Christmas, J!

Marta said...

Love your Nativity scene. We didn't get the mass recorded this year. Something went wrong.
I was anxious to see if you could see Joel being a good nurse.