Friday, December 7, 2012

A Lost Day

View from Queen Anne.  You can see an identical picture here.

I woke up still contented after the lovely dinner with The Twins on Queen Anne Hill at the fabulous Five Spot.  After dinner, we walked off a bit of our dessert, toiling up this humungous  flight of stairs (Queen Anne is full of flights of stairs,) to our parking spot, from which we drove around to some of the Queen Anne hot spots. 

We looked for St. Ann’s church, where once, in my mother’s youth, her underpants had fallen off as she came out of Mass.  She daintily pretended nothing was happening, stepped out of them and walked on. We have long wondered what the sexton thought when he found them.  My mother was always perfectly turned out, in beautiful clothes, but, needing to be economical somewhere, she wore her underwear until it was barely hanging on by the last thread.  Some economies can lead to trouble.

But how was the day lost?  After getting a new computer (several years ago) I tried to load my Skat game into my computer, and was unsuccessful.  So instead, I played Bridge with a computer character trio, and had been happy with that.  Suddenly, I was desperate to play Skat, and gave uploading it another go.  Finally I realized where I had gone wrong, and got it working.  I play with a couple of mousies, whom Rachael long ago named Rachael and Lillian. They nearly always win, and I am thrilled to win even a hand.  Winning an entire game would be out of the question.  These mice are smug, sarcastic little girls who tell me, if I lose a hand in the final trick, something like, “Kurz vor dem Locus in die Hose gegangen” (“Oops! Went in the pants right in front of the bathroom door!")  Or, when I lose earlier in the hand, “Der Ofen is aus!”  (The oven is out!)  They always have something triumphant to say when they win a hand, but never notice on the few occasions when I do.  Anyhow, they are sadly addictive, and I spent much of a potentially productive day playing with them. 

Later, when I went to the Cathedral Kitchen to help feed the hungry, I found that someone had made some super delicious fudge.  There went a weeks worth of healthy dieting.  In minutes.  Later, at choir practice, I found that a song I had thought was easy, and hence had not practiced, was not easy at all.  I should have been working on that instead of playing cards with mice. 

Oh well, my lost day was a fun day, so I am not too upset about it. 


Marta said...

I'm glad you had a fun day. No one else knew the song. Altos were lost.
At least you had fun.
Joe & I used to drive to that view on Queen Anne Hill.

I forced myself to practice today. I'm OK for Sunday but need to get going on Christmas music.

Never say having fun makes a lost day! Not true.

Laura said...

Interesting card partners. Sounds like they are a little naughty-gloating over their wins!