Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Christmas Cards

I am having a very lazy Boxing Day, recovering from Christmas. I think that is what Boxing Day is really all about.  For several days, my car was locked in my garage and I couldn’t get at it, so I walked, walked, walked to church about a zillion times – through driving rain and bitter cold, and with not that much time in between for sleeping.  Sort of driving and sort of bitter and only five times, an so not too terribly dreadful after all.  I just love to complain.  The singing, while stressful and energy sapping, was wonderful, and the family event was fun too.  No one acted up (actually there was only that danger from one person – the oldest one there, who should know better, but sometimes doesn’t.) 

This morning I was going through one of my gifts, looking for some chocolate that I knew was in the package, and realized I had missed one of my best presents which had been artfully hidden in the tissue paper.  Brilliant little Skat card ornaments, made by my wonderful Skat companions.  Are they not the sweetest?


I. F. said...

We are glad you like your shrinky dink bube. Or is the plural buben?

Miss Nobody said...

With all those Jacks, you'd be sure to get a Schneider! Wish we could join you later this week. Grrrrr.

Marta said...

Love your ornaments and your comments. You are in such good shape to be able to walk up the hill. Joe & I are planning our camping trips for next year. One is to Silver Falls in Oregon. Many hikes. Could we trade legs for a week or so?

Laura said...

Clever and colorful Christmas ornaments from your sweet friends!