Friday, May 11, 2012

A Lovely Spring Day

Well, Spring has been quite coy this year, peeking out from behind the clouds and flirting with us between chilly days and rain storms.  But she finally seems to settling in for a real visit.  To celebrate her appearance, Samos and I had a super fun day, beginning with lunch at Swanson’s nursery.  This used to be just “the place to go” for garden shopping, but now there is a nice restaurant as well.

The demographic seemed to be the over-ninety set, and the lunch was worthy of these worthies.

I had a wonderful veggie burger and tomato basil soup – both yummisma!   

 Then a postprandial amble through Carkeek Park.

 I hadn’t been there for about a hundred years, and I had never been on the Piper’s Creek trail.  What a delightful surprise was awaiting us!


A lovely orchard, planted in the eighteen nineties, later forgotten and overgrown until it was rediscovered a hundred years later and lovingly restored.  There are apple trees, with many varieties popular in the early nineteenth century, as well as pear, quince, and nut trees. Another Seattle secret delight revealed!


Marta said...

Lovely Spring Day.....lovely photos.
The apple blossom is perfect. (no worm holes, aphids etc.)

I. F. said...

That looks delightful. I must add it to my list of places to go someday.

Laura said...

What a gem of a spring walk you had and the pictures are so inviting

Knitman said...

Beautiful photographs. I like the over 90's set. I hope to reach there. I often feel optimistic I shall.

Fuguestateknits said...

Sounds lovely! Over 90? they are the people whose opinions I want to hear:)!
How are you, my dear friend?