Monday, May 28, 2012

A Blustery Day

Life has been pretty humdrum lately.  No blogworthy events at all, in other words.  But like Mr. Micawber, I am expecting something to turn up any time now.  When it does, I will let you know.  So what does one talk about when the news is no news.  Why, when all else fails, the weather, of course!

The weather here has been tricky.  When my houseguest left, I debated about the sort of sheets I should use.  It was May, but it was still chilly, so I put flannel sheets on my guest bed.  Then the weather immediately turned, and there was a  mini-heat wave.  I rued having put on the flannel sheets, as I was expecting another guest shortly, and she would be too hot.  But I was not about to change the sheets twice in a row while they were still clean, so she would just have to sweat it out, I decided.   Then, in honor of the heat wave, I changed my own sheets to the not-flannel variety. (What do you call them? Both sorts are all cotton.  Non-fuzzy sheets?  That doesn’t sound right.)  Instantly, that very day, as soon as I put the last pillow in place, storms and arctic fronts began moving in, as they say somewhere – on TV, no doubt.  It remained blustery and chilly for days, so at the next scheduled bed change, I put the flannel back on.  There have been occasional sun breaks since, with the bees buzzing in the wisteria outside my window, the wrens flitting about in the bushes, happily finding bugs for their babies, dappled lawns softing underfoot, and my intense garden anxiety growing daily - anxiety about my laziness in ignoring the weeds in my flower beds rather than going out and pulling them .  But on the whole, the weather has been delightfully mutable, with every day a surprise.  That’s how I like it, so the weather report from here is good.  There you go!  That’s the weather recap from Seattle!

If you look closely, there are bees.  Lots of them!


Dan and Julie in San Diego said...

Beautiful iris! I love your garden.

Dan and Julie in San Diego said...

Beautiful Iris! I love your garden.

Rebecca Ross said...

Today I'm wishing I'd stuck to my flannel!

Laura said...

I smiled reading about your sheets dilema - when to switch from fuzzy to smooth. It sums up our changeable spring weather doesn't it!

Marta said...

I am so out of it. Have no flannel sheets in our home.

You could run a B&B on Wisteria Lane!