Friday, February 3, 2012

A kittenish day

No intriguing story today, as today hasn’t really happened yet, and yesterday was very humdrum.  But I was sure you would like to see this picture of my darling kitty with his new toy, a gift from his friend Peggy.  He loves it.  He grabs it by its tail and tosses it in the air, chases it, catches it, slobbers on it a bit, and then caresses it.  A few months ago, he had another one which he promptly lost.  I am awaiting the day when I move some item of furniture and find a little cat toy cemetery, as his favorites always disappear.  The time this takes is inversely proportional to his love for them.  Or perhaps the Borrowers get them?  I actually do clean behind most of my furniture at least occasionally, and I feel that I should have found this depository by now. 

By the way, when admiring the picture of Geoffrey Tobias, take special note of his exquisite grey lips.  And his cunning little chin!  Such an adorable fellow!


Samos said...

Such a happy kitty! :-)

Laura said...

And what about those eyes?! He certainly is adorable.