Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Important Birthday

Dickens is 200 years old!  And what a marvelous gift he was to the world and to us!  Truly a day to celebrate this amazing man!  And to commemorate the important event, The Twins had a Dickens High Tea Party.  

We each had a place card with a character most representative our inner natures, or perhaps what we would like our inner natures to be.

Corinna was Little Dorrit.  

This is very apt, as Little Dorrit was unassuming, but strong and saintly, carrying her family through every crisis, and nonetheless always underappreciated.  

Maria was Tattycoram.  

I’m not quite sure how apt this one is, as Maria is saintly too, and Tattycoram was definitely not saintly.  If you look closely, you may note the cross look on her face.  She was a self-willed, dissatisfied trouble maker, although she eventually recognized the error of her ways.  She was also one of the more interesting Dickens female characters, of which there is a sad dearth. 

My favorite, and the one whom I would most like to see myself as, is Aunt Betsy Trotwood, the true heroine of David Copperfield.  Fie on saintly, silly Dora and saintly, sensible Agnes!  Betsy Trotwood is where it’s at!  Kind, intelligent, far-seeing, loving, generous, but still a little quirky!  Does that sound like me? I guess not.  But I can strive.


Laura said...

What an excellent way to celebrate Charles Dickens birthday! I

I. F. said...

Little Dorrit is also the shortest person in the family. That's the main point of likeness, but I can aspire to her other excellent qualities.

Samos said...

Very cool! All the best birthdays are in February... :-)

Marta said...

Are you sure this is not your second life? It describes you perfectly!

I don't know the twins well enough to comment.

Lia Nord said...

Aunt Betsy Trotwood is probably my favorite Dickens character, too! From what I know of you, it seems very appropriate that she was your place card. What a lovely idea, a Dickens High Tea Party.