Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Beautitian's Day

Tobias in the salon chair
I had a big agenda for myself today, and I actually managed to do most of my planned tasks. One of the most onerous was the opening of a little beauty shop in my kitchen. The shop provided hair care, manicures, and pedicures.  I had two clients, one concerned about personal grooming – at least the hair portion of it, although not so much the manicure.  The other was enthusiastic about none of it.  One client was well behaved, and the other quite naughty.  I’ll bet you have ideas about which was which, and chances are that you are mistaken.  Tobias, although a cat, loved the initial part of his beauty treatment.  He purred and rolled around on the salon chair, made his nether parts available to me so I could brush and furminate them, and was, all in all, a good shop patron.  He even behaved reasonably well when I gave him a manicure.  He made clear that he did not think he needed a manicure, but even then, was slightly cooperative.

Margaret looking resentful after her ordeal

Margaret, on the other hand, was resistant to the whole procedure.  She needed to be plied with treats if she was to be even the tiniest bit obliging.  She particularly did not like her manicure.  It took a treat per fingernail.  Fortunately, unlike Tobias, she is quite motivated by the prospect of a morsel of something tasty.

They both looked good, he handsome and she very pretty, after their ordeal.  Margaret is vain, and does like to look attractive, but she is not willing to sacrifice much for beauty.  Tobias is a GQ cat, and will put up with much to look his best.

Here are the tools of the trade, displayed along with the fruits of my labor – if you can call fluffs of hair a fruit.  I guess you really can’t.


Marta said...

You are a great beautitian!

Extraordinary results.

Laura said...

The pictures are so great I almost forgot to read the story. They behaved so well!