Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Funny Day

Oh dear!  I had to get up at the crack of dawn for a very early dental appointment.  I have forgotten dental appointments in the past, once even when I had been talking about it to my co-workers two hours before, so I put several little reminder signs around the house.  There is something about a trip to the dentist that makes one very able to forget.  Don't misunderstand me - I love my dentist, and have for years.  He and his staff are wonderful, and have taken care of four generations of us.!  Nonetheless,  for the previous three days, I had been fretting about getting myself there on time.  Would I get out of work before midnight, or would I have to stay till one in the morning as I occasionally do?  That would make getting up early a major chore.  I could snooze in the dentist chair, but better to at least be alert when I arrived.  All evening, my major goal was getting done on time.  Do nothing extraneous, I told myself, lest you end up having to stay late.  Whoa!  Too many nurses here! Someone could go home at half time!  I’ll take it!  Happily,  I said goodbye to my patients, and scurried home to read my book and knit, being careful not to read beyond midnight.  First, I got all my clothes for the morning out – even the right earrings.  In my anxiety, I set two alarms, just to be sure.  In the wee hours, well before the alarm went off, I sprang awake – an hour ahead of time.  Good!  I could read the paper.  I had my tea, gave Margaret her walkies, read the paper and even did the crossword, got dressed, was ready to go.  But wait!  I had a niggling anxiety.  I checked my email and – you guessed it!  My appointment isn’t till tomorrow!  Why hadn’t I turned my calendar over to June to check instead of just remembering the date -always a dangerous practice?  I remembered that it was the first day in June that I didn’t work.  But actually it was the second day.  Long ago, when I made the appointment, my schedule wasn’t out yet, so there was the possibility of working the evening before, and I got that stuck in my head. So now, I have to go through all that again.  Well, the clothes are back in a pile, the earrings again laid out, the alarms are set.  Sigh!
Samos and I were going to go out for a comfort lunch after my dental ordeal, and as, after this mistake, I still needed comfort, we went anyway.  Several of my friends are connected with all vegan Loving Hut, and they were excited because it was reopening with a new chef, and a new menu.  This was the first day, and they had specially asked me to come. As one might expect, things were a little chaotic, but the food was delicious.  I had soy fish, and Samos had soy chicken.  Both super yummy.  We were so starved and enthusiastic about our meal that we forgot to take pictures till it was time to pack up the leftovers. 

Kate, the Ice Cream Mistress

Then, for dessert, we went to the Bluebird – Homemade Ice Cream and Tea Room.  I hadn’t been here before, despite it being in my neighborhood, but I certainly will be going again soon.  

The ambience, as you can see, is wonderfully funky (I am all into funky), and the ice cream was très delightful.  Once again, we gulped our treats down before taking a picture.  At least I did.  Samos still had a bit left, so I documented its final moments.     


Samos said...

That was super fun! Theo Chocolate Ice Cream, WOW! Super yummy... Nice photos as usual, great shot of Kate. :-)

Marta said...

I would love to have a friend like Samos.

Great read. I especially like the photos of the disappearing cone.

You are funky-clever.

Laura said...

About mixed up days-I still am out of kilter from our saturday exhchange. It might take a month for me to straighten out :) Lucky that you have so many unique dining choices near you! Also love the disappearing cone!

Janet said...

Is liking things retro '60's funky? If so, that I am.