Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Uncertain Day

I’m not sure what sort of day it was.  It had its ups and downs.  I had invited Dakki for breakfast.  “Not too early,”  she warned. 
“What time would be good then?” I asked  She is definitely not an early riser. She thought eleven would do.  I called the evening before and left a reminder message. Eleven came. Eleven-o-five. No Dakki.  The phone rang.  “What time did you say?” she asked.  Grrrrrr!  A Down!
“Eleven,” I crabbily replied. 
“I’ll be there in a few minutes.” 
“What does a few minutes mean?” 
“Yeah, right,” I thought.  “No way!”
At ten after twelve, (that must have been what she meant by “ten,”) she arrived, completely unrepentant.  I never finish any last minute cooking till I see the whites of her eyes, so I quickly fixed us some nice soft boiled eggs to go with our scones, and we had Becca-made marmalade to put on them.  Scones and soft boiled eggs covered with HP Fruity Sauce - one of my favorite breakfasts, and with excellent, though tardy, company.   An Up!
When we were done, I could see that she was here for the long haul, so I decided to give myself a foot soak – something that is too boring to do all alone.  Once I was steeping, I realized that I could be sewing the buttons on my just completed sweater.  Dakki gathered the materials needed, since I was stuck in my pan of hot water, and I triumphantly did the final bit of work in this sweater (Alice Starmore’s Oregon,) which has been brewing since August.  I am pleased with the way it turned out. A big Up! Dakki took pictures, because I knew you would want to see it.  Another Up!
 Then my computer froze!!!!!  I did everything I could think of to thaw it, but it was no go.  A major, major Down.  I thought about making an appointment at the Mac store, but the first day I would have free would be Tuesday. Giant Down.  I looked up the particulars on the Mac store website, and it said you could drop in, but you would have to wait.  Another Down.  I decided to chance it. I drove there and there were no traffic jams. An Up.  When I got to the store, it was filled with customers.  The Mac store seemed to be the place that the elite meet.  A Depressing Down, but then the woman told me I would have to wait ten minutes!  A very big Up.  I had been prepared for the worst with my book and all.  I find that bringing a book almost ensures that the wait will not be long.  Not having a book seems to have the opposite effect.  They fixed my computer in two minutes flat.  I was very happy.  So, as you can see, it was a day with its Ups and Downs.

Incidentally, the music on my car CD player was Hayden string quartets.  On the way to the Mac store, I was thinking, “Why do I usually think this music is so great.  It’s actually pretty annoying.  It sounds like cranky cats.”  On the way home, the same music was exquisite.  Delightfully purring kittens.  Funny how that works!


Gayle said...

Your sweater is gorgeous, wear it with pride!

Lorette said...

Your sweater is definitely an UP! Gorgeous!

Laura said...

Dakki took a wonderful picture of you , your beautiful sweater and cute Margaret.

Marta said...

Great blog. Your sweater is simply fabulous. I love all the colors.

Very cute photo of the three of you.
You, Margaret and your fantastic creation.

I loved your comment about the music.
Very funny.

Marta said...

I forgot to mention the beautiful Camelia .

FugueStateKnits said...

Have to comment again on that awesome sweater and perfect fit- and the photo is perfect!