Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A day at the beauty salon

Rebecca made a special visit to help me give Margaret a manicure.  I need help for two reasons.  The main thing is that Margaret is not very cooperative.  She needs the distraction of someone other than the manicurist restraining her and constantly waving a treat before her eyes.  Otherwise, she squirms, snarls, and makes desperate bids for freedom.  The other reason is that I need moral support.  The first time we did her fingernails, we cut into the quick, which went an abnormally long way into the nail.  This totally shattered the three of us (me, Becca, and Margaret herself.)  I had cut many dog fingernails, and Margaret’s were really unusual.  So, when again needed a trim, Becca and I took her to the groomer to have it done.  He was confidence itself, and scoffed at our fears and warnings.  After about two nails into the procedure, both Rebecca and his grooming table were bespattered with blood. He admitted that we were right, didn’t charge us, and hinted that we should never come back.  So Margaret’s nails grew unchecked, until she began to look like a little Mandarin.  Still, we were afraid to cut them.  Then, I took her to the vet for some other thing, and she (the vet) recoiled in horror when she saw Margaret’s disgusting fingernails.  She (the vet again) whipped out her clippers and snipped them right off.  No blood!  Had Margaret’s nails become normal in her old age?  Maybe.  Still we were afraid.  The next time she went to the vet, (this time the vet was a he)  he clipped them again with no problem.  That was some time ago, and now they were getting long again.  Margaret was healthy and didn’t need to go to the vet, so we decided to give her manicure another try.  With the Kwik Stop at hand,  Becca held her and offered constant treats while I snipped away. I cut them very gingerly, and not very short. Hurray!  No blood.  Then, since we were set up for our beauty shop, I gave Becca a haircut.  Margaret was jealous so we gave her a trim also.  She quickly lost her enthusiasm, and once again needed the distraction of continuous treats.  Or do you think she might have been putting one over on us, and been acting badly on purpose to get some snacks?  

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Laura said...

I like Rebecca's 'pixie' haircut - looks cute!