Sunday, August 15, 2010

A happy day

This week was remarkably uneventful for me. However there were joyous events among my friends. Carmen and Bill’s baby arrived. She is a beautiful baby girl – Isolda Marisol. Most new babies are, in my opinion, not cute. Rachael and Rebecca were, of course, exceptions to this rule, and little Isolda definitely is too.

My friend Janet’s husband has been in visa limbo, sadly delaying his permanent move to Seattle to live near his children. The visa has finally come through. Janet has flown off to Dublin to get the move on the road. Happy news for her and her family.

The highlight of my week was pretty lame in comparison, but then, these things are all relative. Samos was going to a concert, and had time to kill beforehand, so we met up for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I was horrified to see that he had his concert-attending attire. That shirt! Where could he have gotten it? It was actually flocked – at least that is what you would call it if it were wallpaper. Raised fuzzy areas. Samos and I once had a discussion about things that were so awful and in such bad taste that they transcended and became beautiful. This shirt would be in that category. It was awful but fabulous at the same time. His tee shirt is a tribute to his favorite band, whom he was going to hear later in the day. He admired my earring and hair tie which happened (by accident) to match, and took a picture. A fortuitous choice of attire for me too.


Samos said...

You would even more shocked by all of the attention I got at the concert! Guys were giving me high-fives and several women hugged me for it! That shirt made me popular! I must admit that people were much more amazed by it after they'd been drinking wine for a time! :-)

Janet said...

I think I would actually have to see that shirt on Samos's person in order to pass judgement - but the ear ring, now that is easy to admire.
As for baby Isolda - don't forget my grandchild no. 8 - Isolda in Hong Kong - definitely cute. And baby Sean in Seattle - definitely cute.
Janet, buzzing around getting estimates for the final shipment

Laura said...

Fabulously cool look Samos! I think all babies are cute - Isolda is perfectly cute.