Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An electrifying day (not really)

I purchased a bargain bag of tiny avocados who were nearing the end of their edible life span. They needed immediate attention if they weren’t going to end their days in the compost pile. What to do? Guacamole, that’s what. I thought it would nicely compliment the farro salad I had made for my work lunch the previous day. Not really being a great guacamole fan – or should I say aficionado - I had never made it before. Rebecca did a bang up job, but she was not available at the moment for advice. I consulted my second favorite recipe blogger (101 Cookbooks) for starter clues, as I didn’t really know what, besides avocados, went into it. Taking off from there, I whipped up a bowl, which, when I tasted it, was electrifyingly delicious. I thought I had better share it with you.

Electrifyingly Delicious Guacamole

3 tiny avocados*
slice of red onion, chopped (about 2 tablespoons)
2 walnut sized tomatoes, chopped
juice of one lime
pepper, a few grinds
nutmeg (!), a few grinds **
cumin seeds, about ½ teaspoon, coarsely ground

Coarsely chop the avocado, stir in the onion and tomato, and all the rest. Taste to adjust the salt. That is all there is to it.

**Nutmeg in guacamole, you ask? Well, my nutmeg grinder was next to the pepper grinder, and I wasn’t paying attention and grabbed the wrong one. Maybe this is what made it so good. However, I think the sapor explosivo was actually from an excess of lime juice.

*I later weighed three similarly sized ones (still whole with skin and seeds) and they were 238 grams,


Laura said...

The picture of the guacamole just makes me want to run for the chips. It looks deliciously good!

Samos said...

Yummy. I heard on the garden show last Tuesday that if you add tomatillos to the guacamole it won't turn brown! Worth trying... :-)