Friday, November 20, 2009

A recovering day

After nearly a week of lying about, complaining, whining, and oozing unpleasant bodily fluids, I reluctantly emerged from my lair to do a number of no-longer-possible-to be-procrastinated-on errands. I made what I hope is my last ever trip to the odious WAMU-now-Chase bank to close my Tom estate account. This wretched institution has been the cause of several tearful episodes and lots of rage, as my faithful readers will know. There is one woman there who is always nice and knows what she is about and is sympathetic with my suffering, so I always make a beeline for her. The parking attendant is also very nice. Other than that……… (If you can’t say something nice……) Then to the Bank of America, another world entirely in the world of banks - always cooperative, always efficient. Not thieves like the Chase bank which once charged me $90 for a printout that they said was going to cost $5 and was not even what I needed. “Gosh, we’re sorry, but there is nothing we can do about it! That’s just the way it is.” Then shopping to the PFI for a birthday present for Dakki, to the library, and then to my favorite grocery store for birthday dinner wine. All in all, a successful outing. Then home to put away groceries and off the Family Kitchen where I ate a sinful chocolate dessert which turned out to be a barmecidian feast (a good word thanks to my friend Corinna). It was beautiful, but it made me sick. Then a restorative cup of tea at Starbucks before choir practice. Then choir practice where I managed to keep a low profile and avoid a basilisk stare. Then home to make some tapioca pudding for my little darling. Actually my big darling, as Margaret is my little darling and I do not usually make pudding for her although she would be pleased if I did. Maria the cat is not my darling at all, but she thinks she is. She is not unloved completely, since Rachael loves her, as does Tom from heaven. I think Samos loves her as too, but I have to confess that Rebecca and I do not. Well, maybe a little.
And what, you might ask, does the above picture, taken by Rachael's iPhone, have to do with the day? Rachael (my big darling), and Patrick (my choir friend and treats partner of last week) are pictured at the Family Kitchen. They both volunteer on Tuesdays, while Rebecca and I go on Thursdays. So lots of connection to my (even more than usual) stream of consciousness ramblings.


FugueStateKnits said...

So glad you are on the road to recovery - a lot of nastiness in the germ realm out there right now -apparently from coast to coast....
Feel better!

Laura said...

It is sad when I get to work and find Joanna is sick and not coming. :( So glad to hear you are better. Its admirable that you made bread between bed breaks!!
and I agree about Chase Bank!!!