Sunday, November 1, 2009

A delightful evening

What is it? Why, a St. James thimble, of course! A lovely gift from Spain from my delightful friends, the twins! And we had a delightful game of skat, after a delightful dinner, followed by a delightful cake, pictured here in front of its image (somewhat) on the tea packet. The tea packet is delightful too, which is what attracted me to it. Rooiboos tea is just the ticket when you have been playing skat till nearly midnight and you are planning on getting up for church the next morning.
I had a fun day cooking, but as usual, was not very organized and consequently a bit frenzied towards the end. Rachael was setting the table and giving moral support as I was finalizing the cooking details. The last thing was to whiz my carrot soup in the blender. Oooops!!! Soup everywhere. Not to worry! Margaret will clean it up – at least the part on the floor. She thought this was a delightful task.


rebecca said...

What fun! Did Rachael triumph at Skat?

Anonymous said...

Were you and Rachael both brilliant?