Thursday, October 1, 2009

An impoverished day

Horrors! My internet has not worked for five days!!!!! I can hardly stand it. I feel bereft! I miss my cyber-friends, something awful. Whoda thunk? Even non-internet things are impacted. I was finishing up a NYT crossword, and I realized that I would not be able to immediately see what Brian and Ryan had to say about it. That is a big part of the fun. Although they don’t know me, they are a part of my day, and there is a little blank spot without them. If you actually read this, you will know that I have gone to some dreary internet place to post it, just for you!
Becca and I went shopping today, and at Costco,I picked out two of my favorite movies (Casablanca, maybe the best movie ever made, and Meet Me in St. Louis) to buy. I always spend way too much there, and today I was trying to show restraint because I have had about three large financial setbacks – a dead tree, a friend in need, and an awful letter from the IRS demanding $700 more! All expensive, and all within about two weeks! Horrors again! So we were in line and nearly at the checkout stand when I decided that maybe I shouldn’t get the movies, and ran and put them back. As the check out man was starting, Becca reminded me to use the gift card which I had gotten from my job quite a long time ago- way last Christmas, or maybe even the one before. I kept bringing it to Costco and then forgetting to use it. Consequently, with the gift card, the total was far less than expected. She said, “That’s not much at all! You had better get your movies.” The man said, “Yes, you had better get your movies! You can get them and then come to the front of the line and I will check them out specially so you don’t have to wait.” And I did, and he did. So that was way more like a real Christmas present from Virginia Mason (my hospital) than the rasins and cheese which I would otherwise bought with it!
We also went to the Asian market with its mysterious and fascinating produce section. These vulgar looking things are some geoducks – a Northwest clam like creature, I think, and the lovely green things are some bitter melons.


rebecca said...

Those geoducks certainly looked unhappy.

Lorette said...

The bitter melons are very pretty. I'd like yarn that color. The geoducks do look vulgar. The shellfish guy at the Olympia farmers market usually has them, I do not know anybody who has actually eaten one.