Thursday, October 15, 2009

A conversational day

My Aunt Dakki called me up the other day, and triumphantly told me that she had read in a newspaper advice column that it was rude to take one’s knitting along and knit while visiting. “Bosh,” (or something like) was my comment. “I can visit perfectly well, and can, in fact, listen better when I have my knitting.” “I’m just telling you what the newspaper said,” she piously replied. “Harrumph!” was my response. Then yesterday, she brought me some apples which someone had given to my other aunt, who had, in turn, given them to her. They looked rather the worse for wear, and a few appeared to even have inhabitants. I decided to make her some Apple Betty. I was keeping up a flow of interesting banter as I peeled and chopped. Her replies were things like, “Hmmmmmmm,” or “Interesting……” I looked over, and this was how she was attending to my every word. Knitting rude, my foot! I pointed out to her that she wasn’t listening to a thing I said, and she agreed and went back to her article. Nervy, don’t you think? The Apple Betty was good, but a little sweet. I used the Betty Crocker recipe, but didn’t measure anything, and overdid it a bit with the sugar, I think. I had planned to put in lemon peel, but forgot all about it till it was too late. A blob or yogurt made it perfect – tanginess to counteract the somewhat overpowering sweetness. Yum!


Barb said...

My mom was here for a week. After we went apple picking on Monday, she made an apple crisp per day until she left. Each was different and lovely. I miss her already.

rebecca said...

That Dakki sure is a wag!

Janet said...

Betty Crocker and Apple Crisp have been my stand-bys for years.

I think Dakki should take up knitting.