Sunday, October 18, 2009

A busy day

Aaaaahhh!! Ecstasy! I have been going full throttle for four days, and I am done in. How wonderful to flop into bed with a nice cup of tea! On Thursday, Rebecca had many knitting needs which had to be shopped for, and I had a few needs myself, so we spent the day going from place to place until it was time to go to the Family Kitchen, and then to choir practice. Friday I worked and it was pretty hideous. Given that I have had a long string of nice work days, this was to be expected eventually. It was definitely my turn for a bad night. Saturday we were fixing dinner for the Aunties. Early on, Auntie Pauline called to say that Auntie Dakki was in the hospital! (Not to worry – she is OK, at least that is what she says, and I hope she is right.) So we debated what to do, and decided to have just the one auntie, and ask Julie to replace Dakki. Julie felt that this was an impossible demand but she agreed to give it her best. At the crack of dawn I drove to Becca’s to pick up her and her food bundles, bags, and boxes. We brought them in and laid everything out on the table. “Oh, no!” she moaned. “I forgot the ……..!” (I didn’t take in what it was she forgot.) So we hopped in the car, went back to her house and got the missing item. A short ways into the cooking, “We have to go to the store,” she said. “I forgot the (something or other).” So off we went again. We got home, and I was writing an email to a friend about going to the library when I suddenly realized that I needed to go to the library that very day or my requests would return to circulation! So off I went. As soon as I got back with my books, to my dismay I heard, “I don’t have any chilies. I thought you would have them.” Now there is one thing she could be sure I would not have, and that is chilies. I avoid them assiduously. So we went to the store again and got the chilies, and also the cat food which I had forgotten on the previous fourteen trips to the store. By this time, our guests were nearly due. Some frantic cooking was happening even as they arrived. Then, as I was getting a big ceramic soup tureen off a high shelf, to my horror, I saw the lid go gliding, in seeming slow motion, toward the counter and heard the terrible crash. Everyone marveled that I took this disasterlet so calmly, but by this time, I was inured. Plus, I was so relieved that only the lid broke without taking five other more precious things (like for instance, the stove top) with it. After this horrific day, the dinner was delicious – it was Chinese food with hom baos and vegetarian tripe (!!!!!). Then out again into the night to pick up Dakki’s car at the hospital! (Did I mention that on one of these outings, we visited poor Dakki?) We delivered Rebecca’s things at her house, and then Julie drove us to Dakki’s car, which is so eccentric that I am afraid to drive it in the daylight, but at night….. Well – then it’s really scary. We made it home and then I drove Becca back to her house and came home and did the dishes. Many, many dishes. Are you exhausted just reading about it? I am.
Today, we went to church, sang, visited Dakki, went to the opera – La Traviata! So wonderful. Towards the end, everyone around me seemed to be having bad allergies. There were a lot of sniffles. The opera was fabulous. A wonderful end to a Very Busy Weekend. But not quite the end. Back to visit Dakki, and then finally home to bed. Just like Samuel Pepys.
You can read Rebecca’s version of the day here.

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Petra said...

La Traviata sounds wonderful. I saw it once in Munich while I was still a student and a card didn't cost you an arm and a leg ;-)